Selling Information


When is the best time to sell your valuable property? There is no simple answer to this question. Buyers for your property will be found all year round but the issue is more about what other property is available for sale that will complete in the marketplace with yours. If there is little for your property to compete with, it's likely that we will be able to achieve a higher price for you. If, on the other hand, there are lots of similar properties available for sale, our job of getting you a top price will be harder. Real Estate folklore is that Spring is the best time to sell. It's a time of optimism and with the weather improving, more potential buyers will be out and about. But, if it's a time when there are more properties competing with yours, it may not be the best time to achieve the top price. Winter usually presents fewer buyers, but the buyers are usually more focused on purchasing and traditionally there will be fewer homes on the market to choos...

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A tidy home says "Welcome". Your home should be kept neat and tidy during the period of inspections. It should not necessarily be a "show place" but appear a comfortable home in which to live. De-cluttering is imperative. While you're tidying up, think about each room and what furniture really needs to be in it. Rooms look smaller when they are crowded. Clear out anything that's not needed to create a feeling of spaciousness. Fresh flowers or indoor plants always brighten up a home. Make sure that all minor repairs are completed. Sticking doors and windows, loose door knobs, faulty plumbing, or peeling paint may affect your sale. Let plenty of light into your home. Nothing improves atmosphere more than brightness. And on a dull day switch on some lights prior to arrival of prospective purchasers. A warm comfortable heated home on cold days adds a feeling of cosiness; on a hot day don't forget to turn on any air conditioning or fans (or simply let the breeze flow through). ...

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Method of Sale

Most of our sales are transacted by Private Treaty. We undertake some Auctions, where we have a unique home or there is some other imperative to finalise a sale. Allow us to inspect your property and we can then discuss the advantage of the most suitable method of sale for your property. Call us on 03 8787 9000 to discuss.

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